Trailer Mounted Z™-Booms

Genie trailer-mounted Z-boom lift feature an outstanding operating envelope, making them ideal to reach jobs high and low. With easy-to-tow mobility and simple pictograph controls, it’s no wonder that Genie trailer-mounted Z-boom lift take productivity to new heights.


  • Operating envelope of a Z-boom lift— reaches up, over and out.
  • Easily towed behind a pickup or SUV.
  • Genie lifts are light weight enough to use on lawns, slate or gymnasium floors.
  • Exclusive Genie Automatic Leveling System™ for self-leveling on slopes up to 11°.
  • Simple pictograph controls allow operators to get to work quickly
  • Genie lifts are drive and Set™ option positions unit quickly and efficiently

Our Trailer Mounted Z™-Booms Model